CFLHDCentral Federal Lands Highway Division
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For the exploratory borings, CFLHD staff decided to drill two 3-inch (8-centimeter>diameter core holes at each foundation wall (abutments and piers).
"The results obtained by this study assisted the FHWA Central Federal Lands office in developing a plan to grout the voids that were inherent in the original foundation walls [for the Willow Valley Bridge]," says Khamis Haramy, senior geotechnical engineer with FHWA's CFLHD. "It was also valuable in assessing the structural integrity and capacity of the foundation walls."
As the technology delivery engineer for CFLHD, he brings a wide range of experience in highway materials, contract administration, and innovative solutions to transportation problems.
"The Hoover Dam Bypass Project responds to several key needs," says E David Zanetell, director of project delivery at CFLHD. "It alleviates congestion through a critical trade and commercial corridor, improves safety in an area where the crash rate is three times that of U.S.
Under CFLHD's guidance, the construction team is adjusting the road alignment to avoid or minimize impacts on Hawaiian cultural values associated with certain types of trees and kipukas (islands of native vegetation within lava flows).
CFLHD administers one-third of the Federal Lands Highway Program, serving 14 Central and Western States.
CFLHD officials also used QuickZone to plan reconstruction of a 30-kilometer (18.6-mile) section of the Beartooth Highway, just outside Yellowstone National Park in Montana and Wyoming.
Because of the size and scope of reconstructing segment 4, the CFLHD office in Lakewood, CO, planned the project under an EIS beginning in 1999.
CFLHD used the LiDAR surveys for Guanella Pass, a Colorado scenic byway, and for an access road through the Bear River National Wildlife Refuge in Utah.
On April 21, nine days after the slide, a scope of work for a site visit and a proposed emergency landslide repair project was delivered to Boyle Engineering Corporation and Woodward-Clyde Consultants, architectural/engineering (A/E) design consultants under contract with CFLHD. CFLHD's project manager returned to the park with the consultants and discussed potential long-term and short-term solutions.
OTA, OERD, NHI, and CFLHD are working together to develop this new feature.
Taylor is a design project manager with FHWA's Central Federal Lands Highway Division (CFLHD) in Denver, Colo.