CFLICanada Fund for Local Initiatives (Canadian International Development Agency program)
CFLICanadian Forces Leadership Institute (est. 2001)
CFLIConsorzio Formazione Logistica Intermodale (Italian: Intermodal Logistics Training Consortium; est. 1993; Italy)
CFLICalifornia Family Law Institute (Santa Monica, CA)
CFLIClay Flue Lining Institute
CFLICatholic Family Life Insurance Company
CFLICommunity Finance and Learning Initiative (UK)
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For the first event, that is, the warning by the CFLI (or U.
As this is the only event they consider for the SLA we cannot compare their results with ours for the other events; however, their lack of significance probably derives from the same reasons discussed above: the announcement of the agreement in principle was not credible and was not surprising given the earlier warning given by the CFLI.
CFLIs, the AFCS, and Air Force Acquisition discuss alternatives in different terms.
CFLIs must "watch over" the service core functions and assess benefit in accordance with the core function master plans.
The second hurdle was put up by an opposition group seeking to block the payout to a "select group"--the Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports, or CFLI.
LMEE said it is concerned that members of CFLI are its "competitors," and the payout will "allow them to undercut other competitor lumber companies and even buy out smaller companies, cutting jobs and raising home costs.
This threat of prohibitively high duties by the CFLI is merely a heavy-handed bargaining ploy by U.