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The Burney Gardens timber harvesting plan (THP) is a cross-boundary, cooperative restoration plan developed by four private forest landowners in Northern California (Shasta County) that are part of a CFLR group.
The Burney Gardens THP is notable for multiple reasons: it engaged government agencies and other stakeholders in extensive up-front planning; it received the support of a variety of organizations; it fostered trust and shared norms among a diverse group of stakeholders; and it enabled the CFLR group to provide evidence of a successful project, which was necessary to fulfill CFLR program mandates and leverage further funding.
CFLR founder Stephen Adams will continue to serve as a lecturer for the Family Law Refresher Course and the Advanced Family Law Course accredited seminars.
Eugene Simonoff and Associates represented CFLR in the transaction, the terms of which were not disclosed.
CFLR seminars will be administered by West division The Rutter Group of California.
Now in its third year, this CFLR project consists of 21 partners, ranging from fishing enthusiasts to the U.S.
The Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration (CFLR) program, created in 2009, encourages the collaboration of unlikely partners to undertake science-based restoration on priority forest landscapes.
When Congress established the CFLR program., it set aside limited funding for up to 10 projects for 1.0 years.
The Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration (CFLR) Program received bipartisan support in Congress, ensuring full funding and the addition of 10 new projects, while the Farm Bill passed the Senate with healthy debate on numerous amendments.
In alignment with Global ReLeaf and our other forest restoration programs, we will continue our strong advocacy for increasing efficiency and effectiveness of forest restoration activities: highlighting CFLR project results, increasing transparency and streamlining on-the-ground restoration efforts.
This report details plans to stimulate local economies and expand the scope of Forest Service restoration projects, including expanding Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program (CFLRP) projects--American Forests is a member of the CFLR Coalition steering committee.