CFLRICanadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute
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As Table 1 shows, the proportions of respondents who met and who did not meet the CFLRI guideline for physical activity did not differ significantly by gender, residence, grade, involvement in physical activities in school, hours of television watching, school (data not shown), mother's education level, or father's education level.
Although direct comparison is difficult due to differences in methodology, national studies (Statistics Canada, 1998, Health Canada, 1999, CFLRI, 1999) of both rural and urban children found similar results and suggest that Canadian children regardless of where they live, are not active enough to obtain optimal health benefits.
Table 1 Distribution of Respondents Whose Physical Activity During the Target Week Met the CFLRI Guideline for Physical Activity: Saskatchewan, Canada, 2001 Met CFLRI Guideline Yes No Variable Number % Number % Gender Boys 25 62.