CFMAConstruction Financial Management Association
CFMACommodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000
CFMAChangan Ford Mazda Automobile (China)
CFMACalifornia Furniture Manufacturers Association
CFMACalifornia Fire Mechanics Academy
CFMACentral Florida Musicians Association
CFMACanadian Fragrance Materials Association
CFMACentral Financial Management Activities
CFMACanadian Forces Military Attaché
CFMACommercial Facility Maintenance Association (Flushing, NY)
CFMAChurch Furniture Manufacturer's Association
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After the success of the Phoenix event, the CFMA plans to hold similar summits in the coming months and into 2017.
Among the Dodd-Frank Act's major goals was reform of the derivatives markets--particularly the credit default swaps, interest rate swaps and other 'swaps' traded over-the-counter that the CFMA had left largely unregulated.
The CFMA and the Demise of the Mandatory Product Approval Regime
Over-the-counter derivatives trading grew dramatically in the years following passage of the CFMA," the report states.
The CFMA (supra note 42) and QDA (supra note 13) both refer to their principles as "Core Principles for Derivative Markets".
Because both naked swaps and synthetic CDOs were nothing more than bets on the viability of the sub-prime market, at Wall Street's behest, the CFMA banned application of state gambling laws to these transactions.
Congress enacted the CFMA, among other reasons, "to promote innovation for .
Deregulatory GLBA and CFMA did not permit the Legislation creation of unregulated markets and activities; they simply codified existing markets and practices.
CFMA formally exempted financial derivatives, including the now infamous credit default swaps, from regulation and federal government oversight.
Under the CFMA, the CFTC maintains exclusive jurisdiction over broad-based indexes, but now the CFTC and SEC jointly regulate narrow-based indexes and single stock futures.
A new assurance senior manager is Jennifer Gonzales, who is an active member with CFMA and AGC.
Fierabras: Chanson de geste du xiie siecle, CFMA 142 (Paris: Champion, 2003).