CFMCCCombined Force Maritime Component Command
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Mitigation measures can be put in place, such as having the CFMCC push only required information to subordinate units via Collaboration at Sea or other bandwidth efficient tools, and ensuring sufficient redundancy for voice and data nets between the commander ashore and subordinate units afloat to allow for redundancy to pass operational orders.
TW06, conducted with Third Fleet and the USS Bonhomme Richard ESG, explored required C2 systems that a CFMCC needs to conduct crisis planning within a joint task force.
TW05 will focus on key enablers of FORCEnet capability to make the CFMCC fully capable of creating coalitions able to meet all challenges.
This is essential to create and manage a CFMCC information management plan that addresses information management and processing between coalition units brought together in an ESG.
CFMCC operational planning tools and a common operating environment (COE) that integrates access to data used in automatic generation and dissemination of maritime task plan information will be developed in TW05.
In TW05, HSI experts will document the information and knowledge requirements a CFMCC needs in a global war on terrorism.
This brings aviation assets into the Navy's fires process and provides the CFMCC with an increased ability to apply force within the battlespace.
Within the CFMCC, the human element was the area that required the most improvement.
To counter this process problem, all cells within the CFMCC should have a full-time, trained knowledge manager--a "power user"--someone experienced in information technology, who also has operational understanding to ensure information is shared for timely decision making.
CFMCC knowledge management cells sprouted like mushrooms when there was an information crisis and dissipated as the crisis went away.
The CFMCC knowledge management successes realized were not necessarily orchestrated, rather they emerged.
Paul Matheson from Second Fleet, was the central repository for information sharing between all component commanders and the CFMCC Subordinate Maritime Component Commanders.