CFMCCCombined Force Maritime Component Command
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Over time, the JSTARS began to better understand the CFMCC's intent, fleet priorities, and I&W needs of each ship.
Daily VTCs between TF-58, CFMCC, and JICCENT occurred beginning on 8 November using the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (JWICS).
Failure to plan and execute a robust communications plan will equate to uncoordinated C2 for the CFMCC forces, ineffective response and, most likely, loss of life.
USS Boxer (LHD 4) was the command ship for the CFMCC, Rear Admiral Davyd Thomas, RAN, and the Deputy CFMCC, RDML Victor Guillory, USN.
* TW05, conducted with Second Fleet and the USS Iwo Jima ESG, tested C2 processes in a Coalition Forces Maritime Component Commander (CFMCC) environment.
At the top end of this continuum are the Joint Force Maritime Component Commander (JFMCC) and Combined Force Maritime Component Commanders (CFMCC) courses for flag officers.
So FORCEnet concepts must also provide continuity across the coalition with a Combined Forces Maritime Component Commander (CFMCC).
Navy operates with the maritime forces of our friends and under the command and control of a combined force maritime component commander (CFMCC).
Commander, Cruiser-Destroyer 8 (COMCRUDESGRU 8) participated in Combined Joint Task Force Exercise (CJTFEX) 04-2, Operation Blinding Storm, as the Combined Forces Maritime Component Commander (CFMCC) aboard USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20), May 21-June 21, 2004.
Our plan is to build this JFMCC capability into the coalition world as well, holding a Combined Force Maritime Component Commander's (CFMCC) course, with a regional focus, in 2006.