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CFMLCold Fusion Markup Language
CFMLCazenove Fund Management Limited (finance; UK)
CFMLCensored Fast Maximum Likelihood (algorithm)
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CFML doesn't have all of the programming tasks that can be accomplished in Java, and quite possibly never will.
Beside queries, CFML extends HTML with many other features like conditional and iterative control structures, functions, expressions, and modularization constructs, yielding a powerful scripting language.
The generator produces standard CFML templates, which can be either run as they are or manually adapted to enhance the quality of the interface.
Parameter estimates obtained by maximizing In L in equation (29) are referred to below as conditional frequency-based maximum likelihood (CFML) estimates.
CFML, as described by the log-likelihood function (29) in Subsection 3.2, was used to obtain parameter estimates of [Gamma] and associated standard errors for 1991 male and female data as presented in Tables 2 and 3.
information related to previous county court judgment, residential properties for investment purpose (buy-to-let) and re-mortgage loans was not included in the loan by loan data received from CFML. The agency used the information provided in the investor reports and applied the FF adjustments as per criteria on an aggregate basis.
However, Fitch recognises that a significant portion of the reduction is due to the sale of properties taken into possession by CFML.