CFMMCompagnie Française de Mines et Métaux (French: French Company of Mines and Metals)
CFMMCentre for Functional and Metabolic Mapping
CFMMContinuous Fast Multipole Method
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Meisel and Lemieux concluded that CFMM was not adapting well to Quebec's Quiet Revolution, although perhaps the most important of several contributing factors was the personality of long-time executive director George Mooney.
5) The new mayors did not deny the usefulness of CFMM as a clearing house or research body, but they were more in tune with provincial imperatives than with the organization's continued pursuit of aid from the federal government.
The ministry upset just about everyone except interested academics and CFMM.
By the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of CFMM in 1987, FCM had almost 350 members, including the City of Montreal.
CFMM had moved its headquarters from Montreal to Ottawa in 1967, but until 1986 had occupied rented premises.
The current relative regularity of accession of Quebeckers to the FCM presidency--Quebec presidents, all francophones, were elected in 1978, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1998, and 2003--is in sharp contrast to the previous few decades, when Quebec presidents of CFMM were elected only in 1953, 1962, and 1971 (again all francophones).
The actual membership strength of CFMM and now FCM has been an elusive matter, as the records are surprisingly incomplete.
Monsegur, CFMM, PhD, is the principal of Lourdes Catholic High School in Nogales, Arizona.