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CFMSCanadian Federation of Medical Students
CFMSCalifornia Federation of Mineralogical Societies
CFMSCommon Food Management System (US DoD)
CFMSCounty Financial Management System (Colorado)
CFMSColumbus Folk Music Society (Columbus, OH)
CFMSComité Français de Mécanique des Sols et de Géotechnique
CFMSCentral Financial Management System
CFMSCopley-Fairlawn Middle School (Ohio)
CFMSCONUS Freight Management System
CFMSCombat Fuels Management System
CFMSCritical Functions Monitoring System (nuclear power plants)
CFMSCombined Field Maintenance Shop
CFMSCommand Fuels Management System
CFMSCredit Fraud Management System
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These records represent students from more than 2,400 foreign and domestic schools, nearly 14,000 CMAs, and nearly 3,000 CFMs.
Smartcom is a duly licensed Australian cellular and land-line Service Provider that uses the CFMS system.
The CPA/CMA led to a consulting credential, and then years later the business appraisal and CFM areas beckoned.
The most frequent recommendation I get from members is: "Promote the CMA and CFM to employers.
Rating Data Statistics for Cooling System Operation Inputs Values (I-P) Values (SI) Number of Different Values CFM 5600, 7000, 8400 2.
By May, 17 air filtration units were placed into service, each possessing 48 cartridge filters within each collector, for a total filtering capacity of 340,000 cfm.
In a related effort to develop ICBM officers with greater breadth of experience, the 13S and 21M CFMs formalized the 13S and 21M cross-flow process.
Gillian says CFMS wants to see couples using the service - set up as a charity by local High Court judge Douglas Forrester-Paton in 1980 - as a first port of call in disputes, instead of down the line when battle lines have been drawn through solicitors.
Noise becomes a factor to consider at higher CFMs, for which Livingston recommends installing a hood with a remote motor and fan.
The net result of this heating system is that we are able to use a heater that is undersized for this application in terms of CFMs and make it work through the addition of a duct system," Williams says.
Presentations will disclose new findings about its anti-cancer programs: ARRY-380, ARRY-543, ARRY-520 and two emerging programs for cFMS and Chk1 inhibition.