CFMUCentral Flow Management Unit (EuroControl)
CFMUCollège Français de Médecine d'Urgence (French: French College of Emergency Medicine)
CFMUCubic Feet per Minute (aviation)
CFMUConcrete Form Masonry Unit
CFMUCentre de Formation aux Mesures d'Urgence (French: Emergency Response Training Center; Canada)
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ETFMS, which Albania, Bulgaria and Croatia have now joined, is a EUROCONTROL programme that manages the overall air traffic in the CFMU area and allocates slots for all aircraft movements in European airspace.
In addition, while Airport CDM aims at collaboration between all the partners at an airport, regional CDM connects local CDM with CDM processes en route and at other airports through the Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU).
* The CDM Turn-Round Process (also called Milestone Approach), designed to improve data quality, predictability of departing flights, and planning information for all partners, including CFMU;
The new service is administered at the organization's Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU) who will issue an alert if any company or aircraft that is listed by national authorities as posing a potential safety risk, plans to enter European airspace.
Applying CDM creates a common situational awareness and predictability between ATM, the airport, aircraft operators, CFMU, ground handlers and other service providers.
The Balkan country has been taking part in the organisation's work since 1998 in the context of the Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU) and the European Air Traffic Management Programme (EATMP)...JJ:(IS)
* CHMI (Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU) Human Machine Interface), RCA (Reduced Coordination Airspace), CIA (CFMU Internet Access) and a demonstration of DWH (Datawarehouse) facilities;
The Eurocontrol Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU) and the European air traffic control centres "work closely together to identify potential bottlenecks throughout Europe well in advance and provide more airspace capacity where needed." The modest 1.0% traffic growth recorded on 2000 traffic figures, representing a total of 3,052,930 flights over the four summer months, also contributed to the reduction in delays.
This is necessary to improve the flow of traffic across neighbouring centres, and compliance with established Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU) Air Traffic Flow Management procedures to avoid unnecessary ATC overloads.