CFNBCalifornia First National Bancorp
CFNBCommunity First National Bank (Manhattan, KS)
CFNBCollectif des Femmes du Nouveau-Brunswick (French: New Brunswick Women's Collective; New Brunswick, Canada)
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This patient underwent a left TKA and received a CFNB with Ropivacaine.
Discussion: For this patient, the pain ratings decreased after the catheter for the CFNB was taken out.
CFNB has proven to be effective in decreasing postoperative pain for patients who have undergone TKA.
Use of a knee immobilizer post surgery decreases the risk of falls in patients who have received a CFNB with a TKA.
This protocol includes the patients attending an educational session a week prior to surgery, a standard exercise regimen and the CFNB being removed 24 hours after surgery.
37,38) The CFNB catheter was removed by an anesthesiologist 24 hours after surgery.
This patient had increased reports of pain, per the visual analog scale, while the CFNB catheter was in but was able to achieve a greater amount of knee flexion during this 24-hour period.