CFNCCollege Foundation of North Carolina
CFNCChild and Family Network Centers (Alexandria, VA)
CFNCCommunity Foundation of Northern Colorado (Fort Collins, CO)
CFNCCoalescence Filtration Nanomaterials Consortium
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org website is occurring simultaneously with the statewide CFNC "College works" campaign that emphasizes five proven reasons N.
The mission of the CFNC is to conduct fundamental research in performance coalescence filters and the design of filter media, including the development and application of nanofibers.
84) McGuigan to Robert Lindsay, CFNC President, Toronto, 16 January 1947, McGuigan Papers (ARCAT); Toronto Newman Club to McGuigan, Toronto, 22 November 1948, McGuigan Papers (ARCAT).
SECU is pleased to continue partnering with CFNC and NCASFAA to help North Carolina seniors and their families take the first step in being considered for college funding," said Krista Loew, SECU Vice President of IRA Services.
Two scholarships are awarded each year by a random drawing of students who complete either Advanced Money Management or Financial Literacy 101, the free, interactive financial literacy modules available for college students on CFNC.
The Credit Union has also been participating in Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Day with CFNC and the North Carolina Association of Student Financial Aid Association each February since 2009, helping students and their families apply for state and federal financial aid for college.
CFNC offers resources toll-free at 1-866-866-CFNC and at CFNC.
Paulette Bowden, SECU's Vice President of IRA Systems and Projects, comments, "Our ongoing partnerships with CFNC and NCASFAA provide SECU the opportunities to participate in wonderful educational events such as FAFSA Day and College Application Week.
About CFNC College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) is a free service of the State of North Carolina that helps students plan, apply, and pay for college.
Increasing ad-hoc requests, including what-if scenarios, increased our demands upon CFNC for reports.
For information about all investment options, plus federal and state tax advantages of saving in the NC 529 Plan, go CFNC.
The success of that pilot program encouraged SECU personnel to pursue the partnership on a much larger scale by including all branch locations, and in preparation for the 2010 FAFSA Day, CFNC and SECU trained nearly 700 personnel to assist with the effort.