CFNIChrist for the Nations, Inc. (Dallas, TX)
CFNIChrist for the Nations Institute (Dallas, TX, USA)
CFNICaribbean Food and Nutrition Institute
CFNICommunity Foundation for Northern Ireland (social injustice opposition)
CFNICommunity Foundation of Northwest Indiana
CFNICenter for Narkotika Indsats (Danish: Center for Narcotics Effort)
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It assesses CFNI's operating risk as strong based on historically solid operating EBITDA margins that averaged 11.7% over the past five years, including 2018 nine-month interim financials annualized.
CFNI's financial profile is assessed as 'aa' with cash to adjusted debt of 173% and net adjusted debt to adjusted EBITDA of negative 2.0x in year four of Fitch's rating case.
The overweight estimates quoted in the CFNI 2001 report (3%) in the 0-5-year age group are in keeping with the latter study but a source is not identified [19].
The CFNI estimate from an unpublished survey conducted in 1981 of 1% in the 0-4-year age group is considerably lower [19].
The process of adaptation of the CFNI to the Spanish population was done according to the recommendations of the International Test Commission's (2000) international guidelines, used previously by our research group in tests published in specialized editorials and with satisfactory results.
The goal in this study was to confirm that the CFNI will reveal similar results in a Spanish population as in the population from the USA.
stated that, given that femininity is a cultural construct that varies as a function of people's characteristics, including age, it is important to examine different groups of women, from a psychometric viewpoint, to determine whether the CFNI has the same 8-factor structure and whether its psychometric characteristics are acceptable.
The participants of the study were 780 women aged between 18 and 59 years, who completed the CFNI. Their mean age was 31.39 years (SD = 10.93).
CFNI is a three hospital system located in northwest Indiana.
CFNI's revenue source characteristics are assessed at mid-range with Medicaid and self-pay totaling about 18% of gross revenues in 2017, Medicare totaling 51% of gross revenues and commercial payors accounting for 29% of gross revenues.
CFNI's three acute care hospitals are located within 20 miles of each other in Lake County, with Community Hospital being the larger tertiary provider.
Although Lake County includes Gary, IN, which has weak demographics and has experienced population and job losses over recent decades with the decline of the steel industry, CFNI does not generally draw from Gary as that population is served more by Methodist Hospitals.