CFNIChrist for the Nations, Inc. (Dallas, TX)
CFNIChrist for the Nations Institute (Dallas, TX, USA)
CFNICaribbean Food and Nutrition Institute
CFNICommunity Foundation for Northern Ireland (social injustice opposition)
CFNICommunity Foundation of Northwest Indiana
CFNICenter for Narkotika Indsats (Danish: Center for Narcotics Effort)
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stated that, given that femininity is a cultural construct that varies as a function of people's characteristics, including age, it is important to examine different groups of women, from a psychometric viewpoint, to determine whether the CFNI has the same 8-factor structure and whether its psychometric characteristics are acceptable.
The participants of the study were 780 women aged between 18 and 59 years, who completed the CFNI.
To verify that the adaptation of the CFNI was adequate for the Spanish population and that the results were different from those obtained in the USA, the following steps were taken: 1.
Correlations Between Scales and Internal Consistency of the CFNI
In Table 5 are the means and standard deviations of the subscales of the CFNI in the Spanish and US groups and the results of the t test.
In Table 6 are the means and standard deviations of the subscales of the CFNI in the group of Spanish female university students and in the general Spanish group, made up of female university students and women who were not university students, and of women of different ages.
We can therefore confirm via the factor analysis, the correlation matrix, and the reliability analyses that the CFNI can be used with a Spanish population with heterogeneous educational and age characteristics and, as proposed by Mahalik et al.
Upward movement of the rating may occur assuming CFNI can maintain historical cash flow margins as it expands its service area footprint, which should strengthen liquidity and moderate certain debt metrics.
CFNI also has an entrance fee CCRC consisting of 106 independent living units, 71 assisted living units, 24 memory support units, and 106 skilled nursing beds, which is now a member of the organization's obligated group (consolidated within financial statements).
In fiscal 2012, CFNI recorded operating income of $37.
The CFNI selection team included representatives from senior management and every end user department," said Frank Pecaitis, QuadraMed Senior Vice President for Client Development.
Vernon Groeber, CFNI Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer commented on the technology requirements and expectations for the new system.