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CFNSCalgary Field Naturalists' Society (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
CFNSCraniofrontonasal Syndrome
CFNSCentre for New Students (Canada)
CFNSCorporation for National and Community Service (est. 1993)
CFNSCentre de Formation Nautique Soustons (French: Soustons Nautical Training Center; Soustons, France)
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On the basis of previous studies [12] three dissimilar CFNs with different voids content (Table 1) were chosen for impregnation with PVA water solutions.
Biodegradation of CFNs and their composites was determined by the soil burial test.
Biodegradation tests confirm that composites with a small polymer content [[phi].sub.POL] lose their integrity and weight more rapidly than those containing more polymer, even faster than untreated CFNs (Fig.
Composites based on CFNs with different volume fraction of voids [[phi].sub.V M] (0.70, 0.56, and 0.40) and poly(vinyl alcohol) were made.
SEM microphotos disclose no great changes in CFN frame structure compared to untreated CFNs.
The water vapour sorption character observed suggests that absorption is determined by the hydrophobic/hydrophilic nature of CFNs.
Before FINSA, if the CFNS examined and cleared a transaction, both
the CFNS uses to determine what transactions are subject to CFIUS
congressional scrutiny on the CFNS process will likely avoid the
Part also offers suggestions for the next time Congress reforms the CFNS
the new CFNS rules for handling a foreign government-controlled
The CFNS is designed to be no larger than a small room, and much fewer of the devices would be needed compared to other schemes that are being investigated for similar processes.