CFOPSConstruction Federation Operatives Pension Scheme (Ireland)
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However, the CFOPs are still prepared without taking the changing social context into consideration.
CFOPs are expected to guide forest management decisions.
(2015), who conclude that CFOPs are of limited value in guiding practical forest management, but rather act as instruments legitimizing forest management decisions.
In fact, CFUGs consider CFOPs only as official prerequisites that help them to gain recognized authority over their forest, and not as a source of relevant and useful information and guidance in support of practical forest management (Mathews 2011 and Rutt et al.
(1) The ordinary CFOPs apply a selection system and trees can be harvested within the prescribed annual allowable cut.
Role of CFOP in Forest Cover Change: Application of silvicultural activities
When observing communities' silvicultural operations we noted that these were not executed according to the CFOP (Table 5).
When strategies adopted by the executive committee differ from prescriptions in the CFOP, they usually legitimize their decisions by having them endorsed by the general assembly.
The CFOP plays only a minimal role by specifying the annual allowable cut.