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CFPCCollege of Family Physicians of Canada
CFPCCentre de Formation de la Profession Comptable (French: Professional Accounting Training Center)
CFPCCertified Forest Products Council (Beaverton, OR)
CFPCCalifornia Forest Products Commission
CFPCChild & Family Policy Center (Iowa)
CFPCCentre Français du Patronat Chrétien
CFPCConseil Français de la Protection Cathodique (French: French Council of Cathodic Protection)
CFPCCommunity Family Planning Council
CFPCCentral Florida Pregnancy Center, Inc.
CFPCCaraga Forest Plantation Corridor (Philippines)
CFPCCenter for Progressive Christianity
CFPCCentral Florida Parent Center (Palm Harbor, FL)
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The bioactive CFPC creams include proteins, such as collagen and fibronectin, which are vital for skin repair.
CFPC works with its members across the forest products value chain to connect demand with supply of third-party independently certified forest products.
35) The College of Family Physicians of Canada, "National Family Physician Survey Results Reported Widely Across Canada" CFPC Headlines (1 June 1998), online: The College of Family Physicians of Canada <http://www.
But we do not certify wood, and there is no CFPC label.
However, this was not the case when asking the 2 items related to physical abuse, which had smaller proportions of physicians with CFPC certification feeling very comfortable compared with the noncertificants (57.