CFPMCentre de Formation Professionnelle de la Musique (French: Professional Training Center of Music)
CFPMCubic Feet per Minute (also seen as CFM; unit of measurement)
CFPMCanadian Forces Provost Marshal (Head of the Military Police in Canada)
CFPMCertified Food Protection Manager
CFPMCanadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine (est. 1999)
CFPMCross-Functional Process Mapping (business flow analysis)
CFPMClub Français des Pêcheurs à la Mouche (French: French Club of Fly Fishers; est. 1949)
CFPMChemin de fer Privé de la Mulatière (French model railroad club)
CFPMCenter for Policy Modeling
CFPMCertified Foodservice Purchasing Manager
CFPMCompagnie Française de Pierres et Marbres (French: French Stone and Marble Company)
CfPMCenter for Professional Management (Naperville, IL)
CFPMChild and Family Prison Ministry (Thailand rescue mission)
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The PGS are being replaced by the programmes of initial vocational qualification (programas de cualificacion profesional inicial, PCPI) (see below), and these programmes are better integrated with main educational pathways, including the CFPM (Box 3.
On the other hand, among the few young people who do manage to enter the CFPM despite having failed the GESO, most succeed in passing the degree, and the success rate is not substantially lower than among students who attempt CFPM after passing the GESO on the first attempt.
6) For graduates from the CFPM the corresponding rate was 29% (Fundacion Alternativas, 2008).
Of pupils proceeding to CFPM, 72% obtain the corresponding degree (estimated based on data in INE, 2007).
In addition, vocational qualifications acquired in the PCPI are recognized as basic qualifications within the CFPM.
Indeed, the mismatch between the qualifications of workers with CFPM degrees and the qualification requirements of the first jobs they occupy is significant, with, on average, more than 40% of graduates working in jobs for which they have not been trained.
One factor that may contribute to the low reputation of CFPM degrees is likely to be the lack of access of graduates to tertiary degrees.
Schwarzkoph, key staffer, Wells County Probation Department; Gail Wood-Toulmin, CFPM, assistant food service supervisor, Collin County Sheriff's Office