CFPPCoal-Fired Power Plant (energy)
CFPPCold Filter Plugging Point (of diesel filter)
CFPPCertified Food Protection Professional (Dietary Managers Association)
CFPPCentre de Formation et de Perfectionnement Professionnels (French: Center for Training and Development Professional)
CFPPCertified Function Point Practitioner
CFPPCenter for Policy Priorities (Kabul, Afghanistan)
CFPPConcept Formulation Program Plan
CFPPCanadian Forces Pension Plan
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The objective of the study was to explore whether there was a clustering of children's ED visits for acute asthma in relation to residential proximity to the IHA or CFPP areas.
The MMT monitors the construction of CFPP to ensure that it complies with ECC guidelines and does not have an adverse effect on the environment and communities.
Fluidity is assessed according to indicators such as viscosity, clouding temperature (CP) and CFPP. A viscous fuel would lubricate and isolate joints better, but would be more easily lost through filter cleaning.
The correlation between long chain saturated factor (LCSF) and cold filter plugging point (CFPP)
Dyzeliniu degalu ir rapsu aliejaus technines savybes Savybiu rodikliai Dyzeliniai Rapsu degalai aliejus (Klase C) Chemine formule [C.sub.13] [C.sub.57] [H.sub.24] [H.sub.105] [O.sub.6] Tankis esant 15[degrees]C, kg/[m.sup.3] 842 916 Klampa esant 40[degrees]C, [mm.sup.2]/s 2,94 38,0 Plyksnio temperatura atvirame tiglyje 68 220-300 (FP), [degrees]C Garingumas, min 95 %, esant [degrees]C 360 -- Savainimis uzsiliepsnojimas, [degrees]C 250 320 Salto filtro uzsikimsimo taskas (CFPP), -5 +15 [degrees]C Stingimo temp.
Come and shop at the CFPP!!!" The whole audience gathered in the movie theater used to roar with laughter at this ad, because the shelves in the stores--including the fishmonger's--were glaringly empty.
Now nearly a decade old, the certified food protection professional (CFPP) credential is required of every dietary manager wishing to achieve certified dietary manager (CDM) status.
Through the hospital's Compassion Fatigue Prevention Program, or CFPP, psychologists, social workers and chaplains are among the professionals who talk to the medical staff about potential intervention, Southwell said.
The CFPP brings MPs and Senators into one of Canada's most important national institutions for hands-on experience.
With this enabling legislation in place, the province initiated the Community Forest Pilot Project (CFPP), under which forest-dependant communities were invited to submit proposals to secure a five-year probationary forest tenure, thereafter renewable for a period of 25 to 99 years.
Benitez, assistant chief sheriff/food service, San Diego Sheriff's Department; Bud Chambers, correctional sales, CAMBRO manufacturing company; Barbara Holly, CDM, CCFP, CFPP, food service administrator Alabama DOC; Franklin Spielman, CFP, (retired), International Association of Food Service Professionals; Gail Wood-Toulmin, CFPM, assistant food service supervisor, Collin County Sheriff's Office.