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CFPSCentre for Public Scrutiny (UK)
CFPSCertified Fire Protection Specialist (NFPA)
CFPSCash Flow Per Share
CFPSCombat Flight Planning Software
CFPSChongfu Primary School (Singapore)
CFPSCentral Financial Planning System
CFPSCanadian Forces Postal Service
CFPSClass Forty Preservation Society (Heritage Traction Preservation Group UK)
CFPSCertified Fluid Power Specialist
CFPSCentral Food Preparation System
CFPSCombined Federal Pharmacy Seminar
CFPSCompagnie Francaise de Prospection Sismique (French: Seismic Consulting & Logistic)
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Any new neighbourhood that is projected to house at least 2,000 permanent residents must adhere to the CFPS.
Any new development of at least 2,000 permanent residents will be expected to abide by the CFPS.
The UPC also collaborated with 12 government agencies, including the Department of Municipal Affairs, Abu Dhabi Education Council, Health Authority - Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority, to produce the CFPS.
In Step III, the introduction of CFPS further dissipates the relative importance of EPS, as shown by the F-value, while in step IV, the results indicate that the introduction of GR may even have a negative effect on [R.
The new office for CFPS Engenharia e Projetos will initially house about 200 professionals and will be located at the following address:
Our vision for CFPS is to offer clients in Brazil world-class, safe and sustainable services from feasibility studies all the way to complete EPCM services.
First Vice President - Pat Maluso, CFPMHM, CFPS, CFPAI - Western Hydrostatics, Inc
In collaborating with the Army's Installation Command (IMCOM) in support of its Army Traffic Safety Training Program (ATSTP), CFPS has already proven its ability to efficiently and effectively run a traffic and motorcycle training program.
CFPS has been instrumental in ADB climate mitigation and adaptation projects in Bhutan, Georgia, Indonesia, and Myanmar.
CFPS is proud to be part of the Army Team which has reduced motorcycle fatalities of off-duty Soldiers by 25% in the current fiscal year AND just completed the safest Labor Day weekend for off-duty Soldiers ever
Gene Manheim, President of Inlite Research explained that "Industry standard barcodes serve as the robust foundation to secure check images, and enable innovative technologies like CFPS to provide fraud prevention across a huge range of images.
DESCRIPTIVE: Located in the employment areas of Douala and Edea, closer to businesses, CFPS will train technicians and skilled workers by offering initial training courses for young people who have completed the first cycle of secondary education (BEPC, CAP) and for those who already have professional experience and justifying the level suffisant.