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CFQCompletely Fair Queuing (Linux)
CFQCare for Quality (Netherlands)
CFQCognitive Failures Questionnaire
CFQConselho Federal de Química (Brazil)
CFQCommon Footprint Quality (corrugated cardboard packaging)
CFQCiências Físico-Químicas
CFQCustomer Focused Quality
CFQConfédération Française de la Quincaillerie, Fournitures Industrielles, Bâtiment, Habitat
CFQConseil Formation Qualification (French professional training company)
CFQClub Focus Quebec
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The authors suggest that the CFQ has a coherent, simple and theoretically consistent factor structure suggesting it as a unidimensional scale.
Moreover, contrary to expectations derived from the mindlessness model, absentminded individuals (those with high CFQ scores) perform as well on a traditional vigilance task as non-absent-minded individuals (those with low scores on the CFQ) but rate the task as more mentally demanding on the NASA-TLX than do non-absent-minded individuals (Grubb et al.
1995) found separate prospective and retrospective factors on the CFQ, the items which loaded highest on the retrospective factor might be argued to have a prospective component ('forget[ting] why you went from part of the house to another', and 'forget[ting] what you came to the shops to buy').
The H and NH groups did not differ on the CFQ (d = .
More recently, the question of what the CFQ measures has been somewhat restated as: 'How many things does the CFQ measure?
According to CFQ scores, four participants (Control: n - 1; Defusion I: n = 2; Defusion II: n = 1) were excluded from the data analysis because their scores were lower than 1.
Construct validity of the 30-item CFQ, which included seven sub-dimensions, was tested using confirmatory factor analysis (CFA).
The current version of the CFQ contains items which measure seven different dimensions, including four factors tapping parental perceptions and concerns that may prompt the use of controlling child-feeding practices: perceived parent weight, perceived child weight, parental concern about child weight, and parental responsibility.
Adequate psychometric properties of the CFQ have been demonstrated with 1,800 people across various samples and it has been shown that the CFQ has good reliability and validity (Gillanders et al.
Questionario de Fusao Cognitiva (CFQ): O CFQ visa avaliar especificamente o processo de fusao cognitiva, que diz respeito ao emaranhamento psicologico do individuo com o conteudo ou a forma dos seus pensamentos.
All participants consented to answer a series of self-report questionnaires, administered in the same order (EQ, DASS42, AAQ-II, MAAS, CFQ, SWLS, ERQ), after being informed that their cooperation was voluntary and their answers were confidential and only used for the purpose of the study.