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CFRDCystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes
CFRDConcrete Faced Rockfill Dam
CFRDCommunity and Family Resources Department
CFRDConfidential, Formerly Restricted Data
CFRDRead Destructive Coupling Fault
CFRDCenter for Fisheries Research and Development
CFRDCouncil for Food Research and Development (India)
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This is something we're delighted to be involved with as it will allow us to develop a greater understanding of CFRD.
The more research that goes on the better as it means that one day scientists might be able to identify a way to put an end to CFRD.
The displacement of Shuibuya CFRD was calculated using the FEM.
And continuous glucose monitoring studies conducted in patients with CFRD indicate they spend roughly half of each day with a blood glucose in excess of 144 mg/dL.
While diabetes is also strongly associated with the development of cataracts, (58,64) the effect of CFRD on the lens in CF is yet to be determined.
The dietary management principles operative in CFRD are markedly different than are those in type 1 diabetes.
In CFRD with hyperglycemia, both the fasting glucose and the postprandial blood sugar are high.
At the request of the CFRD [Canadian Forces Recruiting Detachment], I had made an appointment for an interview and testing prior to coming off of the SHR.
In this paper, GA was improved based on adaptive principle [20] and applied for the design optimization of CFRD.
These CFRD patients need to test their blood sugars at least 4 times a day, sometimes 10 times a day.
Overall mortality in those with cystic fibrosis-related diabetes (CFRD) was unchanged from the high rates seen in a similar review covering 2003-2008, despite adoption of an institutional policy of aggressive screening for diabetes and early initiation of insulin therapy upon diagnosis of CFRD (Am.
Nutritional status and pulmonary function begin to decline in cystic fibrosis patients several years before diagnosis of cystic fibrosis-related diabetes (CFRD), so identifying and treating patients with CFRD can have a big impact on life expectancy, said Ms.