CFROCampaign Finance Reform Ordinance (San Francisco, CA)
CFROCenter for Fire Research and Outreach (University of California, Berkeley)
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Despite the abundance of pretreated brine reject from the RO process, no viable technology that used brine as a resource for fresh water production existed until the introduction of Gradiant's CFRO, it stated.
Gradiant's CFRO process is an innovative method designed to address the inherent challenges that limit the water recovery rate of conventional seawater RO, said the statement from Gradiant Corporation.
By manipulating the osmotic pressure gradient across the membrane using a saline (sweep) solution, the CFRO process can further concentrate the brine reject from a conventional RO plant from eight per cent up to the saturation level of salt at 25 per cent.
"It kind of blows my mind," says Chinniah, who began volunteering at CFRO in 1998.
Another CFRO programmer, Kyle Horner, says the monotony of commercial radio drove him to first listen to, and then volunteer at Co-op Radio.