CFRPCarbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic
CFRPcarbon-fiber-reinforced polymer
CFRPCentral Florida Research Park
CFRPConceptual Framework for Reuse Processes
CFRPConsolidated Fuel Reprocessing Program
CFRPChehalis Fisheries Restoration Program (Washington State)
CFRPCuban Family Reunification Program
CFRPContinuous Fiber Reinforced Polymeric
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Hagen Dittmar, who works in the production and systems department at LZH, explained that there are specific issues in machining a non-homogenous material such as CFRP: 'Unlike a metal, for example, CFRP is made up of two chief components--fibres and plastic --with completely different properties (carbon fibre is very strong, whereas the plastic, which acts as the matrix material and forms the actual shape of the specific product, is very weak).
In this paper, the dynamic buckling failure process of laser irradiated CFRP cylindrical shell under axial compression was simulated by means of finite element quasistatic analysis method using ABAQUS, and the influence of the thermomechanical coupling damage on the buckling failure under different parameters was obtained.
Virginia DOT recognizes the importance of corrosion-free reinforcement in prestressed strands, and has used CFRP strands in 18 piles of the Nimmo Parkway Bridge at Virginia Beach, they say.
CFRP is a mixture of carbon fiber and resin and it is necessary to extract the carbon fiber from the resin to reuse it.
[17] performed the experimental and numerical investigations about the fire behavior of reinforced concrete (RC) beams strengthened with CFRP laminates, and developed two-dimensional finite element thermal models to predict the evolution of temperatures in the materials.
"UAM is the only company to harvest CFRP from end-of-life aircraft to be reintroduced to manufacturing.
A strengthening technique using flexible CFRP sheets of 0.13-mm thick was investigated by Harajli and Soudki (2003).
BMW AG (Xetra: BMW), a Germany-based automaker, has updated the 8 Series coupe with carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) Components.
[17-19] investigated the SHS steel columns strengthened with the use of adhesively bonded CFRP flexible sheets under a combination of flexural moment and compression load.
CFRP materials were provided by the Czech company Sanax (type S & M).
Nowadays, the most commonly used method to monitor and assess the mechanical behavior of the CFRP plate on RC structures is electrical resistance strain gauges, which can effectively provide the information about the performance of the CFRP plate during the static and short-term prestressing loss stage [13].