CFRRConfédération Française des Radioamateurs et Radioécouteurs
CFRRCarbon Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Resin (dentistry)
CFRRCritical Functional Requirements Review
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The paper continues with the application of the MPC controller to a CFRR unit for the combustion of lean methane emissions.
To show the effectiveness of the MPC controller, the controller is used for a CFRR unit for combustion of lean methane emissions.
The control of a CFRR unit needs, as the main goal, the control of the temperature of the catalytic material in the solid section.
For the combustion of lean methane emissions in a CFRR unit, the temperature in the centre of the reactor can greatly exceed the adiabatic temperature rise and a usual control objective involves the removal of useful energy from the midsection of the reactor.
To simulate the closed-loop operation of a CFRR unit for combustion of lean methane emissions, we perform two case studies.
In the second case study, a CFRR plant that is more complex than the simple one used for the first case study and for the controller formulation is used.
For the CFRR unit with mass extraction as the manipulated variable, the input u corresponds to [alpha]= [v.
The simulation of the CFRR unit was performed using the finite element method in the COMSOL [R] Multi-physics.
Controlling the CFRR by means of mass extraction gives control over the maximum and minimum temperature along the catalyst section.
By sharing policy actions based on best practices, we hope that this publication will improve audit quality and the supervision of banks, fostered by broader and deeper cooperation between auditors and supervisors, said Pascal Frerejacque, Senior Operations Officer at the CFRR.