CFRTPCarbon Fiber Reinforced Thermo-Plastic
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Drones need high-performing, lightweight, durable materials, meaning that composites (such as Covestro's Maezio CFRTP materials) potentially have a big role to play, as do thermoplastic polyurethanes.
Whatever the change in the processing parameter, surface morphology, and surface modification, the air bubble is inevitably generated in the CFRTP. The study of Tan et al.
As mentioned above, the previous investigations mainly focused on the interface and the bonding mechanism of the CFRTP. However, till now, few works have been carried out to study the effect of laser joining processing parameters.
The fiber content of the CFRTP composite sample was measured by combustion of the matrix resin of composites using TG apparatus.
Fiber Content of CFRTP Samples Obtained by the Combustion Method.
Teijin's CFRTP composite business is centered on its innovative technology for high volume production of CFRTP components with cycle times of less than a minute, a breakthrough that overcomes one of the biggest challenges in the automotive industry and represents a long stride towards the increasing usage of carbon fiber in automobiles and other products.
The co-development pact involves use of Teijin's carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) technology, which potentially enables GM to introduce CFRTP components on mainstream vehicles, the companies say.
The new Raven mountain bicycle from Cannondale features a carbon/nylon monocoque frame manufactured with TowFlex continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) fabric materials supplied by Applied Fiber Systems (AFS).
Cannondale designed the frame using CFRTP for the frame shell halves to withstand torsional and lateral loads.