CFS-PMLComplex Frequency Shifted Perfectly-Matched Layer
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The difference scheme of Maxwell's curl equations in the stretched coordinate space was developed by Roden and Gedney similar to the application of the CFS-PML [17].
The spacing of the CFS-PML boundary is 120 m, and the boundary is not contained within any of the abovementioned grids.
The FDTD-based solutions (calculated using the DBC and the CFS-PML with 8 layers) are compared with the numerical solutions, as shown in Figure 2.
As illustrated, the electromagnetic responses calculated by the DBC and CFS-PML boundaries are compared at three separate moments.
Moreover, compared with the DBC, the CFS-PML can reduce the relative error by nearly 60 dB at later times.
In each model, the ground conductivity is 0.01 S/m, and the thickness of the CFS-PML is 10 cells.
It is instructive to observe the maximum reflection error experienced by the CFS-PML method with ADE as a function of the constitutive parameters [[kappa].sub.max], [[sigma].sub.max] and [alpha].
For the sake of simplicity, the parallel implementation for the CFS-PML is also based on the one-dimension domain decomposition method.
The source is placed near the CFS-PML. For the purposes of this study, constitutive parameters for soil were assumed, giving [[sigma].sub.s] = 0.004, [[epsilon].sub.r soil] = 9.0.
Details about the implementations of the domain decomposition, message passing between the neighboring processors and CFS-PML with ADE are also provided.
Liang, "A new implementation of CFS-PML for ADI-FDTD method," Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, Vol.
Contour plots of the maximum relative error for the first 900 time steps (CFS-PML).