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CFSACommunity Financial Services Association
CFSACertified Financial Services Auditor
CFSACarolina Farm Stewardship Association (Pittsboro, NC)
CFSAChild and Family Services Act (Canada)
CFSACanadian Figure Skating Association
CFSAChild & Family Services Agency (Washington, DC)
CFSACrown Forest Sustainability Act (Canada)
CFSACanadian Forces Sailing Association (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
CFSACentre de Formation Supérieure d'Apprentis (French: Center for Advanced Training of Apprentices)
CFSACanadian Fire Safety Association
CFSACy-Fair Sports Association (Houston, Texas)
CFSACasket & Funeral Supply Association of America
CFSACertified First Surgical Assistant
CFSACentral Florida Shuffleboard Association
CFSACercle Fédéral Sports Associations (French: Federal Sports Club Association)
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In Submission 8, Dr Nehme suggested a new company sitting between a public and proprietary company, and similar to the company able to take advantage of the governance exemptions in the CFSA.
The agreement between EFSA and the CFSA aims at setting a legal basis to ensure cooperation programmes in the areas of capacity building, exchange of knowledge and expertise, as well as stimulating harmonisation and innovation in food safety risk assessment methods and approaches.
The CFSA and leading payday lenders have for years cultivated relationships with Black leaders and organizations-lawmAKERS, celebrities, elders of the civil rights struggle-as part of their lobbying and marketing campaigns.
He also holds a host of accountancy qualifications including FRM, CMA, CIA and CFSA and has worked extensively in an academic capacity in Lebanon to promote the development of Islamic finance.
34) This very traditional definition, left unchanged by reforms to the CFSA as recent as 15 December 2009, is very similar to that used implicitly elsewhere in the judicial system.
124) CFSA publishes best-practice guidelines for members, which include the additional requirement of limiting loans to four rollovers; CFSA hopes that its best practices will be incorporated into legislation.
Hence, the creation of CFSA Section 31(1) which states:
The Institute of Internal Auditors <<IIA>> (Instituto de Auditores Internos), no limita su membresia a solo los contadores publicos, sino que esta abierta, a todo profesional en las diferentes ramas del conocimiento humano; las certificaciones que otorga (CIA, CGAP, CFSA, y CCSA) son optadas y obtenidas por diversos profesionales.
The CFSA, SLA, FWP, and New Challenges for the Tree Planting Industry: 1994-Present
A subdivision of the Connecticut Food Association, CFSA is a nonprofit organization that represents small food businesses based in the state.
In doing so, CFSA members support charities and community-based organizations that encourage individuals to become change agents through volunteerism and community service.