CFSGChina Fire & Security Group
CFSGConsulting for Strategic Growth
CFSGClassification of Finite Simple Groups
CFSGCommunity Free Software Group (New York, NY)
CFSGCombat Flight Simulator Group (online gaming forum)
CFSGCybercrime Forensics Specialist Group (British Computer Society; digital evidence gathering; UK)
CFSGContracting for Supportability Guide (logistics planning; US Navy)
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Polynomial-time solutions to Problem (xi) are due to the seminal work of Kantor [24] and extensively use CFSG.
Nevertheless, in [25, [section]4], with the help of Kantor's Sylow machinery and thus CFSG (Theorem 3.
The CFSG has urged the Mid-Western Health Board to investigate the cancer cluster claim in Askeaton.
As a leading technology focused financial services provider, CFSG is committed to operating a state-of-the-art trading platform to meet the investment needs of clients in today's borderless world.
The investigation concerns, among other things, whether the directors of CFSG are fulfilling their fiduciary duties in obtaining the highest possible price for CFSG shareholders, including engaging in a fair sale process.
If you own CFSG common stock and you wish to discuss this matter with us, or have any questions concerning your rights and interests with regard to this matter, please contact: