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CFSLCentral Forensic Science Laboratory (Ministry of Home Affairs; India)
CFSLCentral Film School London (UK)
CFSLCentral Florida Softball League (Orlando, FL)
CFSLComputers for Schools and Libraries (est. 1993; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
CFSLCavendish Financial Services, Ltd. (UK)
CFSLCavitation-Field Sonoluminescence
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Earlier on August 30, the Leela Hotel told the court that the police had sent a letter to the hotel, saying that the CFSL will have to visit the hotel again on September 1 to collect further evidence, and hence the room can't be de-sealed yet.
CFSL director Rajinder Singh Dangi was not available for comments while Dr B K Mahapatra, head of the department, Biology division, CFSL said that he is not authorised to speak to media but added that they are working on pending cases.
Only after years of consideration did India's central bank allow the first non-banking licence in July 2103 to CFSL.
Mohammed Hanish (IAS), Managing Director of CFSL, told Business Line.
While 71 bullets came from weapons used by the men in khaki, the CFSL is clueless about the guns used to fire the remaining nine bullets.
However, police had not made public the contents of the second forensic examination conducted at CFSL, Chandigarh.
John Lorenzo of Toronto is joining the board of directors of CFSL and David Carbonaro, a partner at Heenan Blaikie in Toronto, becomes the Corporate Secretary of the firm.
The car has already been examined thoroughly by a CFSL team," the senior police official added.
The fresh evidence will be examined by the CFSL, which will submit a report to the police soon," said a police officer.
The CFSL report hinted at drug poisoning, but its findings were not conclusive enough to file an FIR in the case, according to the Delhi Police.
The viscera report prepared by the CFSL had hinted at drug poisoning, but the police had ruled its findings inconclusive and asked AIIMS to re- examine the report and give its verdict, known in official parlance as Subsequent Medical Board Opinion.