CFSMCifs File System Module
CFSMCisco Firewall Service Module
CFSMCompiler Finite State Machine
CFSMCommunicating Finite State Machine
CFSMCore Food Security Module (USDA survey)
CFSMCertified Food Safety Manager (trademark of National Registry of Food Safety Professionals)
CFSMCubic Feet per Second per Square Mile (rate of discharge of water)
CFSMChurch of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
CFSMCodesign Finite State Machine
CFSMClear and Free of Suspended Matter
CFSMComputational Fluid and Solid Mechanics
CFSMCertified Field Service Manager
CFSMCompact Flat Sorter Machine (postal automation system)
CFSMCalcul Formel et Sciences de la Matière (French: Computer Algebra and Material Sciences)
CFSMCentre for Stress Management (UK)
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The drink CFSM and NFSM soy milk was given via oral gavage simultaneously to synchronize their effect in respective group along with chow diet.
In addition to this CFSM and NFSM were also given to check their impact concurrently against HDL, LDL, cholesterol and triglycerides.
Comparison of nutritional composition in non-fermented soy milk (NFSM) and co-culture fermented soy milk (CFSM).
Parameters###Non- fermented soy milk (NFSM)###Co-culture fermented soy milk (CFSM)
Restaurants were sorted by the absence or presence of a CFSM, chain versus independently owned restaurant, and the number of critical violations (defined as poor personal hygiene, contamination with potentially hazardous pathogens, failure to maintain proper temperature, and insufficient time/temperature control) identified on restaurant food inspections reports.
The majority of the restaurants (88.5%) had a CFSM, and most (55.6%) were independent restaurants (Table 1).
The independent-samples t-test was statistically significant, t (199) = -13.46, p < .001 (Table 3) comparing restaurants with a CFSM to restaurants without a CSFM with the number of risk factors cited during restaurant inspections.
Restaurants without a CFSM had significantly higher food safety scores (mean = 87.08, SD = 10.12) than restaurants with a CFSM (mean = 85.46, SD = 7.19) (Table 4).
Perhaps the most striking difference between the bottom and top row in Figure 1 is that the large spikes in the $0-$4.99 bin for the AC and CFSM in the top row disappear in the bottom row.
(14) The results are not different for any of the charities across treatment either: 69% and 61% for ACS, 54% and 54% for the AC, and 52% and 47% for the CFSM in the Direct treatment and the Intermediary treatment, respectively.
ABBREVIATIONS ABCF: American Breast Cancer Foundation AC: Archaeological Conservancy ACS: American Cancer Society CFSM: Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan DD: Difference-in-Differences OLS: Ordinary Least Squares doi: 10.1111/ecin.12379
The second CFSM includes initial, clock-gating, and wake up status.