CFSMSCounter Fraud and Security Management Service (UK National Health Service)
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A spokesman for the CFSMS said no decision would be made before a 28-day consultation period.
These include a national security framework for NHS Wales trusts, which was published last month and developed by a multidisciplinary group including NHS trusts, the police, CFSMS and other specialists.
Under the terms of the Order, CFSMS are not permitted to release further information at this stage of the proceedings.
The CFSMS is halfway through a ten-year plan to cut fraud against the NHS to an absolute minimum.
With this in place, the CFSMS has helped cut fraud in every area of the health service, and the amount of money defrauded by patients, staff and contractors has been dramatically reduced.
In particular I would like to thank the NHS professionals who have worked with the CFSMS to ensure proper checks take place to prevent fraud.
For further information please contact Matthew Willis, Media Officer, NHS CFSMS press office, Tel: +44-(0)20-7895-4524 or Mob: +44-(0)7766-497-458 or Darren Aldrich on Mob: +44-(0)7789-653263.
For further information or copies of the strategy contact Darren Aldrich on 020 7895 4523 at the NHS CFSMS Communications Directorate or Vicky Wyatt at the Department of Health Media Centre on 020 7210 5226.
CFSMS predecessor the NHS Counter Fraud Service (NHS CFS) was established in 1998 to tackle fraud and corruption throughout the NHS, whoever it involves, be they professionals, staff, patients or contractors.
The CFSMS has Counter Fraud Charter agreements to work with all the professional representative associations, the Royal College of Nursing, UNISON, the NHS regulatory bodies and with more than 100 patient organisations.
The CFSMS Legal Protection Unit's first ever private criminal prosecution reached court in September 2004.
Over the last five years the CFSMS has been working with pharmacists to make sure that proof of entitlement for free prescriptions, such as those for people on benefits, are checked before dispensing medicines.