CFSOCCCombined Forces Special Operations Component Command (US DoD)
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CFSOCC's activities during the opening phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom in April of 2003 delivers a more recent example of SOF paired with indigenous forces for strategic and operational effects.
The CFSOCC J6 quickly recognized the significance of having the soldiers from the deployed units in his staff and the J6 staff received additional augmentation from the 224th Joint Communications Systems Squadron of JCSE.
As the first elements from the battalion deployed into theater, the 112th Signal Battalion Headquarters deployed to establish the CFSOCC JCCC.
This increased capability provided the CFSOCC with additional bandwidth and flexibility throughout the operation.
By March 2003, the 112th Signal Battalion had communication assets deployed to support the CFSOCC headquarters, two JSOTFs and six FOBs in Operation Iraqi Freedom while simultaneously engaged in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and other locations.