CFSRClimate Forecast System Reanalysis
CFSRChild and Family Services Review (US DHHS)
CFSRCommittee on Financial Sector Reforms (India)
CFSRContract Field Service Representative
CFSRContractor Field Service Representative
CFSRChiropractic Foundation for Spinal Research
CFSRCircumferential Fiber Shortening Rate
CFSRContract Funds Status Report/ing
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Calibration of the "IOWAGA" global Wave Hindcast (1991-2011) Using ECMWF and CFSR Winds.
Evaluation of CFSR climate data for hydrologic prediction in data-scarce watersheds: an application in the Blue Nile River Basin.
Since 2001, the federal government's Administration for Children and Families has promulgated Child and Family Services Reviews, known as CFSRs, to measure state performance on various factors related to child safety, permanency, and well-being.
The CFSR reviews Outcome Well-Being 3 by examining and reviewing data from a state regarding the provisions of health care, including Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) to children in state care and placement.
Richard Corbett was inducted as a Life Member in the CFSR for his work from 1980 through the early 1990's.
ACF and many state officials perceive the CFSR as a valuable process and a substantial undertaking, but some data enhancements could improve its reliability.
Once a state has completed the CFSR and areas in need of improvement are identified, the next stage is to develop and implement a corrective action strategy known as a Program Improvement Plan.
The accreditation of chiropractic colleges (1974), the NINCDS Conference (1975), the establishment of the FCER by the ACA to support chiropractic research, the establishment of specialty fellowship programs and the CMCC residency programs, the establishment of the CFSR in Canada to provide financial support for research, these and other events at this time created impetus for chiropractors to explore the science of chiropractic as part of the scientific research community.
It included the three main points we wanted to get across about the CFSR in general, as well as the information in our report that we were most pleased about.
The federal government, through the CFSR, requires that youth participate in the performance evaluation of a state's child welfare practice.
The federal Administration for Children and Families deliberately set very high standards for performance for the CFSR on the premise that child welfare agencies work with the most vulnerable children and that only the highest standards should be acceptable to ensure ongoing attention to achieving safety, permanency and well-being for fragile children entrusted to state care.