CFSRChild and Family Services Review (US DHHS)
CFSRCommittee on Financial Sector Reforms (India)
CFSRContractor Field Service Representative
CFSRChiropractic Foundation for Spinal Research
CFSRCircumferential Fiber Shortening Rate
CFSRContract Funds Status Report/ing
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ACF and many state officials perceive the CFSR as a valuable process and a substantial undertaking, but some data enhancements could improve its reliability.
Once a state has completed the CFSR and areas in need of improvement are identified, the next stage is to develop and implement a corrective action strategy known as a Program Improvement Plan.
Make the final CFSR report and the federal approval of the PIP available in a timely manner.
Many, many hours of pre-planning went into the communications strategy in Delaware, the first state to undergo the second round of the CFSR.
Below are 10 steps that any child welfare public information officer can take to articulate the complete picture of the state's performance on the CFSR.
To support these efforts, AFSC and CFSR will hold an annual joint conference, beginning next year in China.
CFSR looked at the entire child welfare system in Delaware, not just foster care or public child welfare, but also family court, physical/mental/
Louisiana's Office of Community Services likewise decided to pursue accreditation to prepare for its CFSR, as well as to help document knowledge for the next generation.
We are also working to ensure that--especially in light of the CFSRs public systems have been going through--our standards strongly and visibly support positive outcomes.
Every state in the country has been challenged by its federal CFSR and several are looking to California as the standardized safety approach.
12) Penelope Maza, "The Role of Interstate Placements in States' Meeting the CFSR Standards," presented at AAICPC annual meeting, May 2003.
Initially, significant numbers of CFSRs were supplied per division.