CFSSCanadian Forces Supply System
CFSSChild and Family Support Services (Tempe, AZ)
CFSSCivil Fingerprint Screening Services (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
CFSSChinese Foundation Secondary School (Hong Kong)
CFSSConselho Federal de Serviço Social (Brazil)
CFSSCenter for Self-Sufficiency (Milwaukee, WI; est. 1997)
CFSSCorrectional Facility Shift Supervisor
CFSSCalifornia Filters Sales Service (North Hollywood, CA)
CFSSCertified Fragrance Sales Specialist
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CFSS raised around pounds 275,000 in just over three weeks, including over pounds 200,000 to fight off a debenture secured on the ground that would have meant the end of football at Saltergate had it not been repaid on Tuesday.
By contrast, firms with a protected market position -- in the sense that the manager expects no reaction at all to a 10 per cent price increase -- are the least likely to undertake restructuring directed at cost cutting (major cuts in employment, closure of a plant) (see CFSS for regression details).
This difference is reflected for example in the soft budget constraint and business environment variables constructed from the responses of survey firms and reported in Table 5 of CFSS (2000).
Treatment Age Gender CFSS Score selected Mean * Male: Female Mean * GA 13 1:1 41 (N=2) (12 to 14) (29 to 53) IV 13 9:08 37 (N=17) (11 to 15) (18 to 63) IS 10 3:07 38 (N=10) (6 to 14) (25 to 52) Treatment MCDAS Score VAS Score selected Mean * Mean * GA 34 1 (N=2) (30 to 38) (0 to 2) IV 26 5 (N=17) (17 to 34) (0 to 10) IS 30 4 (N=10) (23 to 34) (0 to 10) * = mean with range
CFSS provides a complete suite of COTS-based, outcomes-focused solutions for family services agencies.
6 percent or 405,983 people are moderately food insecure (WFP Comprehensive Food Security Survey CFSS, 2012).