CFSTConcrete Filled Steel Tube (arch bridges)
CFSTCommission Fédérale de Coordination pour la Sécurité au Travail (French: Federal Coordination Commission for Occupational Safety; Switzerland)
CFSTCertificat de Français Scientifique et Technique (French: Scientific and Technical French Certificate; language certification)
CFSTCoalition Forces Support Team (US DoD)
CFSTCertified Field Support Technician
CFSTCitizens for Sensible Transportation (Oregon)
CFSTCrew Familiarization & System Training (oilfields)
CFSTCompagnie Financière Saint Thomas (French: Saint Thomas Financial Company)
CFSTState Coupling Fault
CFSTColor Form Sorting Test (memory)
CFSTComma-Free, Sync-Timing (code)
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and Prabhu, G.G., Finite Element Modeling of CFRP Jacketed CFST Members under Flexural Loading, Thin-Walled Structures, 49(12), 2011, pp.
The peak point or inflection point is the ultimate bond load of the CFST specimens [26].
[10] proposed a mechanic model based on a series of CFST column tests considering the composite action.
The CFST is a one-storey structure with an observation area and fire training area-made of high quality materials and designed to withstand the rigors of extensive usage.
Circular CFST model columns with steel tube diameter-thickness ratio (D/t) of 57 were tested to failure.
Indeed, several scholars at home and abroad have proposed different connection forms for CFST column-RC beam systems.
Behaviour of concrete filled steel tubular (CFST) short columns externally reinforced using CFRP strips composite.
Os resultados das determinacoes da atividade residual das enzimas lipase, peroxidase, teor de [beta]-glicanas e de compostos fenolicos soluveis totais (CFST), determinados nas fracoes farinha, farelo e integral de aveia processadas hidrotermicamente em dois tempos de retencao, estao apresentados na tabela 2.
In most of the CFST structures, diameter-thickness ratio or side length-thickness ratio of steel tubes is generally larger than 20, and it can be regarded as a thin-walled cylinder.
The CFST model describes all possible ways by which individuals of different counterfactual susceptibility types could react to a binary exposure (Greenland and Poole 1988).
The Combined Family Support Team (CFST) helped the family around issues with self esteem, confidence building, routines and boundary setting.