CFSWCommunity Foundation of Southern Wisconsin (Janesville, WI)
CFSWCanadian Festival of Spoken Word
CFSWChild and Family Social Work
CFSWCenter For Software (DISA)
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For scanning electron microscopy (SEM), dissociated tissue from Rhabdocalyptus adhered to coverslips was transferred to CFSW for 30 min prior to fixation.
Whole preparations, adhered to 5 cm diameter plastic petri dishes, were acclimated to CFSW for 30 min and fixed as above.
The CFSW is paired with its equivalent mechanical hinge, the CFMW-110 which facilitates a tough, safe installation.
The CFSW is double insulated and approved by IMQ CA02.
A good example is the new Elesa CFSW IP67 180[degrees] hinge which has its own built-in multiple safety switch, so that in the event of accidental opening of a control cabinet door, machine panel or safety door, it automatically shuts off the power, so protecting the operators of machinery and production equipment.
The style, quality and competitive value for which they are well known will again be represented in a new PC panel support clamp for machinery guarding, a robust CFSW hinge with built-in safety switch, the elegant MRT series of open adjustable handles and the rugged DD50 mini digital indicators - as well as a full new range of stainless steel handles and knobs.