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CFTCConfédération Française des Travailleurs Chrétiens (French Christian Labor Union)
CFTCCommonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation
CFTCCeiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation
CFTCComputerized Functional Testing Corporation
CFTCCivilian Flight Test Center
CFTCContract Financed Technical Cooperation
CFTCCommodity Futures Trading Commission (US government)
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The coming together of Reed Exhibitions and the CFTC will create industrial synergies, by allowing the two giants in their fields to share development costs, expand supplier bases and increase overall competitiveness.
In its ongoing litigation, the CFTC is seeking preliminary and permanent injunctive relief, civil monetary penalties, and equitable relief including trading and registration bans and disgorgement.
Faced with high wheat prices starting in the summer of 2011, Kraft and Mondelez used a strategy to buy $90 million of wheat futures for delivery in December 2011, amounting to a six-month supply of wheat, the CFTC said.
We thank the CFTC and are pleased to receive recognition as an FBOT from the CFTC.
Securities Commission Malaysia ("SC") Chairman, Datuk Ranjit Ajit Singh said, "This is an important development that reinforces the strong regulatory collaboration between the SC and the US CFTC at both the bilateral and global levels.
For the CFTC, some of the thorniest and most critical rules are among those that remain.
The 1974 amendments to the CEA gave the CFTC exclusive jurisdiction, for example, over 'futures' on 'commodities' (see Guttman, 1978).
One of the signature achievements of Dodd-Frank is that regulators now have a picture of the size and the scope of the derivatives market for systemic risk purposes, said CFTC Acting Chairman Mark Wetjen.
When they were preparing the fiscal 2012 appropriations bill for CFTC, the House proposed $172 million and the Senate proposed $240 million.
Dodd-Frank supplies a definition, but the CFTC and SEC are moving forward with this "end-user exemption" rulemaking before clearly defining what a swap is for regulatory purposes (i.
financial reform bill, the CFTC has started laying the groundwork for marathon sessions of writing regulations, with priorities to be analyzed at Golden Networking's Derivatives Leaders Forum 2010, "Strategies for Increasing Profits under an Evolving Regulatory Framework" (http://www.
Futures supporters at the CFTC, the Chicagoexchanges, and on Wall Street, argue that just because the futures movement preceded the stock plunge doesn't mean it caused it but merely that the futures pit was able to react faster to the bad news.