CFTHCertificat de Français du Tourisme et de l'Hôtellerie (French: Certificate of French Tourism and Hospitality)
CFTHCompagnie Francaise Thomson Houston
CFTHCentre de Formation aux Techniques de l'Hôtellerie (French: Hotel Industry Training Center)
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Lazarus, chairman of the board, went to Paris and Berlin and consulted with BTH's affiliated companies, CFTH and UEG, about setting up a factory and increasing the capital of BTH.
In February 1904, BTH concluded an agreement with CFTH of France for the exchange of inventions and patents invented by engineers of each company.
The other concerned the international patent control contracts that GE had long previously concluded with major foreign electrical companies long ago--British Thomson-Houston (BTH) in 1897, Compagnie Frangaise de l'Exploitation des Procedes Thomson-Houston (CFTH) in 1892, and Allegemeine Elekricitats-Gesellschaft (AEG) in 1903.
Powell trundled home a disappointing cfth while Thompson and America's Walter Dix joined Bolt on the podium.
With three overs remaining Collingwood drove loftily at Rashid's cfth ball and was caught at long off.
Severn Trent Water says demand for the waste has soared because it is now just a cfth of the cost of conventional animal-based fertiliser, which is closely linked to the price of oil.