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The CFTM index is formed by taking the absolute value of the relative difference between the scaled first vertical modes measured in the transverse direction of the before and after damage bridge, or
Furthermore, it will be shown that different types of damage have a unique effect on the CFTM index, thereby allowing for differentiation between damage types.
In the present work, the CFTM index will be compared with the change in uniform load surface curvature (ULS-Curvature) index [19, 20, 33, 34].
In order to evaluate the CFTM index, a bridge model was developed based on the end span of a three-span pre-stressed adjacent box-beam bridge.
The vertical modes used in the calculation of the CFTM index were determined from response data taken in the transverse direction of the bridge at approximately 1.52 m (5 ft) increments.
In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed CFTM index for damage identification, the full-bridge model was subjected to several damage cases where both single damage types and combinations of damage types were present (see Table 1).
Figure 7(a) shows the normalized CFTM (CFTM*) index plotted versus beam number, where the CFTM index is normalized with respect to the peak value.
The results obtained using the CFTM index are compared with those from another existing damage index, the change in uniform load surface (ULS) curvature.
It is shown that, for most damage cases, the CFTM index is capable of detecting, locating, and differentiating between the different damage types.
According to Allen Johnson, who co-founded the ecumenical CFTM five years ago at a meeting hosted by Gibson, the many decades of mono-economy can't be ignored: "When generations of parents have not been able to get a decent job without Dad dropping out of school at 16 to get a job in the coal mine, and Grandpa was that way, as well as Great-Granddad, we are dealing with a generational thing.
CFTM advocates locally and nationally around the issues of coal country; it also administers healthcare assessments and runs an intentional community where volunteers live and serve together.
I know the Spirit is alive here and that the destruction of the area is blasphemous to God." Johnson sums up CFTM's philosophy in the organizations founding scripture, Psalm 24:1: "'he earth is the Lord's and everything in it; the world and all that live upon it.' God's the property owner, and we get the privilege to live on it."