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CFTRCystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator
CFTRComité Français pour les Techniques Routières (French: French Committee for Road Engineering)
CFTRChemin de fer Touristique du Rhin (French railway association)
CFTRCentre de Formation du Transport Routier (French: Road Transport Training Center; Canada)
CFTRCystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Gene
CFTRCouncil for Tobacco Research
CFTRConsumers for Fair Telephone Rates
CFTRTransition Coupling Fault
CFTRCitizens for the Republic, Inc. (Alexandria, VA)
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The most prevalent mutation of CFTR is deletion of a single phenylalanine residue at amino acid 508.
Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology, which screens the whole CFTR gene for abnormal alleles, is becoming more accessible and affordable in SA.
"These reports represent a major breakthrough in cystic fibrosis therapeutics, with the potential for improving health and possibly survival in all patients who carry the most common CFTR mutation," write the authors of an accompanying editorial.
The altered CFTR protein in those with CF leads to viscous secretions that accumulate in the lungs.
This occurs due to lack of functional CFTR protein leading to dehydration of mucus layer in the airways, increasing the viscosity, impairing mucus clearance, and causing recurrent infections [21].
Overall, the data strongly indicate that the resumption of CFTR functional expression in CFBE: hAMSCs cocultures is mediated by GJIC.
For sequencing analysis, samples were analyzed by direct sequencing of all 27 exons of the CFTR gene and their flanking introns in an ABI-3130 DNA analyzer (Applied Biosystems, USA).
The researchers then exposed the nasospheroids to various CFTR drugs to see what would happen.
Another ABC protein, CFTR (ABCC7), is the most unique member of the ABC superfamily.
Because the detection rate in the African American population is lower and quoted as 64%, the patient elected full gene sequencing of CFTR since the partner was not available.