CFTTComputer Forensics Tool Testing (US NIST)
CFTTCommunity Foundation for the Twin Tiers (Sayre, PA)
CFTTCouple and Family Therapy Training (various locations)
CFTTCompact Folding Table Tennis (Prince)
CFTTControlled Flight Toward Terrain (aviation)
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Four versions of the FTT were compared in this study, the Halstead-Reitan mechanical Finger Tapping Test (HRFTT), the WPS Digital Finger Tapping Test (DFTT); a mechanical tapping test developed at Massey University (MUFTT) and the Computer Finger Tapping Test (CFTT) which was developed for this study.
The computer administered CFTT comprises a tapping switch and red and green indicator lights mounted on a small rectangular box that can be connected to a computer port.
For the purposes of the study, provision was made in the CFTT software programme, for four recording screens, one for each instrument.
When using the CFTT instrument, participants' tapping arm was supported on a cushioned pad.
Means and standard deviations for the average number of taps in 10 seconds for the 86 participants on the CFTT, DFTT and MUFTT measures and from 80 participants on the HRFTT measure are shown in Table 2.
A two-way analysis of variance was conducted to explore the impact of age and dominant or non-dominant hand on tapping speed with the CFTT. There was a statistically significant main effect for age [F(3, 168) = 3.93, p = 0.004] with effect size, eta squared = 0.085.
To investigate the impact of age and gender on tapping speed with the CFTT, the data were divided into tests with the dominant and non-dominant hands.
Normative values have been obtained for the CFTT and MUFTT instruments.
Guidance Software, which produces the EnCase tool, notes in a response to the CFTT test that their documentation has been updated to solve this problem "by noting that a larger destination drive is required when restoring in the Windows 2000 environment." (SafeBack notes on its Web site that similar issues raised in the testing have already been corrected in newer versions of its software.)
The CFTT has also released a draft version of a specification that defines requirements for hard drive "software write block" (SWB) tools that protect hard drives from unintended modifications during computer forensics investigations This specification will be used to test SWB tools to ensure that they meet the requirements of law enforcement agencies.
@ The CFTT reports on SafeBack and EnCase (and Guidance Software's comments on the test results), as well as the specifications for disk imaging and SWB tools, are at SM Online.
@ More information about the NSRL and CFTT projects is at SM Online.