CFTTComputer Forensics Tool Testing (US NIST)
CFTTCompact Folding Table Tennis (Prince)
CFTTControlled Flight Toward Terrain (aviation)
CFTTCouple and Family Therapy Training (various locations)
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For the purposes of the study, provision was made in the CFTT software programme, for four recording screens, one for each instrument.
When using the CFTT instrument, participants' tapping arm was supported on a cushioned pad.
Means and standard deviations for the average number of taps in 10 seconds for the 86 participants on the CFTT, DFTT and MUFTT measures and from 80 participants on the HRFTT measure are shown in Table 2.
A two-way analysis of variance was conducted to explore the impact of age and dominant or non-dominant hand on tapping speed with the CFTT.
The decrease in tapping speed with age, for the CFTT was more noticeable for the non-dominant hand with both males and females.
Normative values have been obtained for the CFTT and MUFTT instruments.
These results supported the hypotheses that tapping speed was higher with the dominant hand, that males were faster than females and that as age increased, tapping speed would decline, providing further confirmation that the CFTT has comparable properties to the FTT tests already in use.
As hypothesised, the CFTT demonstrated comparable properties to the DFTT, HRFTT and MFTT tapping instruments.
Because the CFTT is administered through a software programme, inter-tester variation is eliminated.
It was noted that older participants found the CFTT to be a comfortable device to use.
In summary, the CFTT has demonstrated concurrent validity (high correlations with test scores obtained from the widely used HRFTT and WPS DFTT devices and also with the Massey manual finger-tapping device).
The CFTT reports on SafeBack and EnCase (and Guidance Software's comments on the test results), as well as the specifications for disk imaging and SWB tools, are at SM Online.