CFU-GEMMColony-Forming Unit-Granulocyte, Erythrocyte, Monocyte/macrophage, Megakaryocyte
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For hematopoietic progenitors radiation at 100 cGY decreased colony formation of CFU-GEMM only by 5%, and BFU-E were totally radioresistant while CFU-GM were more sensitive and decreased by 74%.
CTCE-0214 in a dose dependent manner significantly increased the expansion of all cell subsets studied, including important cell subtypes called CFU-GEMM and SCID-repopulating cells which have been identified as important stem cells for clinical use.
Additional preclinical studies demonstrated that ViaStem(TM) effectively preserves early hematopoietic stem cells (CD34+) and committed myeloid CFU-GM and CFU-GEMM progenitors while reducing cell toxicity at room temperature.