CFUGCold Fusion Users Group
CFUGColdFusion User's Group
CFUGCommunity Forestry User Group (Nepal)
CFUGConnecticut Free Unix Group
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Cross-tabulation followed to examine the relationships between socio-economic variables (class, ethnicity, livelihood options, involvement in CFUG executive committee, and CFUG's experience on REDD+ piloting) and the respondents' perceptions towards REDD+.
Human capital: Various trainings and workshops for CFUG members have been provided by the district forest office (DFO) on health, information, ability to labor which have improved their skills on forest management and overall in the livelihood of poor people.
General Assembly represents all members of the CFUGs and the EC is composed of 13 members in Bhulbhuladevi and 17 members in Sittum Kasyari CFUG.
More than eight million people--or about 13,500 CFUGs, ranging from 30 to 100 members--now collectively manage 1.
In a CFUG at Dhamilikuwa VDC of Lamjung district, Dalit (low caste) groups were denied access to public forestland, which could have provided benefits to livelihoods without major effect on forest condition.
While both CFUGs and VDCs are known to contribute to local development for a wide range of rural citizens, important differences exist amongst them: i) while all citizens have the right to be represented by and receive services from the VDC, only members can expect to influence CFUGs and access their services, ii) only VDC officials are required by law to be elected through universal suffrage and secret balloting (as opposed to CFUG executive committees).
A total of seven forest product traders at local and district levels, and two to four members from executive committee of each CFUG were also interviewed.