CFUGColdFusion User's Group
CFUGCommunity Forestry User Group (Nepal)
CFUGConnecticut Free Unix Group
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Participation is one of the indicators to measure performance of CFUG.
The result (Table 4) also shows that about 25% of the poor and women users who participated in meeting reported that CFUG do not considered their voice.
Though in community forest user groups there is a practice of involving lower caste and gender in executive body but none of the CFUG has been thinking in a direction of involving lower class people in executive body.
Characteristics of Study sites Characteristics Bhulbhuladevi Sittum Kasyari CF CF Location (VDC) Bharat okhari Bhara okhari CFUG approval date 1996 1993 Forest size (ha.
The main goal of this study is to understand the user's roles, level and extent of participants in decision making of the CFUGs, and how the socio-economic factors limit their participation in decision-making and to understand and make recommendations how they are able to influence the decisions in the CFUGs.
Two-stage sampling was carried out of which one was for CFUGs and another for households.
Major decisions of CFUGs were taken in the presence of all users in assembly where as other minor decisions were done by the executive committee members.