CFUGMColony-Forming Units-Granulocyte-Macrophage
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However, a markedly increased number of colony-forming unit granulocyte and macrophage (CFUGM) was observed after the coculture of CB [CD34.sup.+] cells with CMML-BMSCs compared to those with HD-BMSCs (Figure 3(a), Supplementary Figure 2).
4, The BMNC, CFUGM, CFU-E and BFU-E of the low-dose group and the mid-dose group exhibited an increasing trend while the Level of CFU-GM significantly increased to 39.33 [+ or -] 29.81 from 15.75 [+ or -] 14.54 as compared to the model group (p < 0.05, Fig.
Cells were incubated at 37[degrees]C in a humidified 5% C[O.sub.2] atmosphere, and colonies were scored on day 3 for CFU-E (aggregates [greater than or equal to] 50 hemoglobinized cells) [27], on day 7 for BFU-E (aggregates [greater than or equal to] 200 hemoglobinized cells) [28], on day 10 for CFUGM (aggregates [greater than or equal to] 50 nonhemo-globinized cells) [29], and on day 12 for CFU-Mix (aggregates [greater than or equal to] 50 hemoglobinized and nonhemoglobinized cells) [30].