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CFUSColony-Forming Unit Spleen
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However, while the dose of 200 CFUs is considered infectious, (12) it was shown to be the minimum infectious dose on compromised human skin, and many body fluids could have higher organism loads.
The individual bacterial species--three isolate mixtures--were surface-inoculated (8 log10 CFU per g) onto irradiated products using a self-contained irradiator at 0.095 kGy per min at 4 C.
The number of candidal CFUs per mg of each kidney was determined using the plate dilution method on Sabouraud dextrose agar.
In terms of CFUs, the PCR assay was able to detect 1-3 CFUs from mid-log phase cultures when the IDI DNA extraction kit was used compared with 10-24 CFUs with diluted cultures added directly to the PCR mixture without pretreatment.
The numbers of viable cells in biofilms treated with PMNs are expressed in colony-forming units (CFUs).
In simulation #1, the average change in CFUs in the hand was significantly greater following play with--compared with --.
And new Nature Made Dual Action Digestive Probiotic + Energy B12 Gummies, which come in raspberry and cherry flavors, feature probiotics (Bacillus coagulans IS 2) with 4 billion CFUs (colony forming units) to naturally help support digestive health, as well as 1,000 meg of vitamin B12 to support cellular energy production.
Each variety offers billions of colony forming units (CFUs) ranging from an everyday dose of 1 billion CFUs to a high potency dose of 66 billion CFUs.
We believe that cleaning the air with active UV-C technology not only reduced the number of CFUs present, but also resolved odors.
jejuni are [10.sup.6] to [10.sup.9] colony forming units (CFUs) per g stool [13].
A recent study has been published on software that can "read digital images and provide quantitation of Colony Forming Units from blood agar plates." (4) The software counts Colony Forming Units (CFUs) on blood plates, and segregates no-growth cultures and can categorize growth--for example 0-10 CFUs, 10-100 CFUs, and >100 CFUs--which helps overall "to reduce the cost of urine cultures by sorting plates based on colony growth." (4) The study concluded that the quantitative software was accurate at discerning no-growth without any false results.