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CFVCavalry Fighting Vehicle
CFVCommon Femoral Vein
CFVClean Fuel Vehicle
CFVCommercial Fishing Vessel
CFVConstraints in Formal Verification (workshop)
CFVClub Français du Vin (French: French Wine Club)
CFVChemin de fer de la Vendée (French: Vendee Railway; Mortagne-sur-Sèvre, France)
CFVcerebral flow velocity
CFVCommando Force of Victory (gaming clan)
CFVCeasefire Violation
CFVCars Fleury Voyages (French transportation company)
CFVCall For Vote(s) (newsgroup establishment)
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The CFV may be mounted with either countersunk head or hex head screws - it features four detent positions of -90[degrees], 0[degrees], +70[degrees] and +115[degrees], all detent positions providing a resistant torque of 3 Nm which is the torque required to free the detent device - and is tested to 20,000 operations.
Christian Hoepfner, director of technical operations at Fraunhofer CSE and president of CFV Solar Test Laboratory.
For mechanical ventilation and tracheotomies, the CFV system integrates with the ventilator circuit to fully saturate up to 40 Lpm of inspired gas at body temperature without risking circuit condensation.
8 79 82 Year of Roof Ground floor construction insulation % insulation % Until 1946 32 9 1946-1970 38 6 After 1970 85 59 Sources: Ministry of VROM (2002) and CFV (2003) Table 3.
In 1995, with logistical and financial support from BOLFOR, CFV (Bolivian Council for Voluntary Certification) was founded.
Christine Fitzmaurice, spokeswoman for CFV, said: 'What is important is that parents recognise a visual condition can be very much part of dyslexia.
Vapore's CFV combines two basic natural phenomena--capillary force and phase transition--into a single component that produces a controllable flow of vapor, without resorting to the mechanism and complication that is normally required.
The inventory volume functions to divert the LP CFV flow to either the collection tank or bypass.
Casteele KV, Geiger H, Loose RD, Sumere CFV (1983) Separation of some anthocyanidins, proanthocyanidins and related substances by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography.
As stated in the CFV Report, the monthly published by Perkins and his nonprofit organization, "The mission of Colorado for Family Values is to proactively lead and assist those opposing the militant homosexual attacks on traditional family values.
4 MPa) and clamp force (833 metric tons) calculated for the CFV ram-speed profile (Table) represent reductions of 36% and 35%, respectively, from the values predicted for a constant injection rate.