CFVSCommercial Fishing Vessel Safety
CFVSCoalition for Venture Support (Worcester, MA)
CFVSCommission on the Future of the Voluntary Sector (UK)
CFVSContinuous Flow Ventilatory Support (breathing support)
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'CFVs are being and shall always be effectively responded.
" "General Officer Commanding (GOC) gave an update on the situation along the LoC, Indian CFVs and response by the army, the military's media wing added.
'General Officer Commanding (GOC) gave update on situation along the LoC, Indian CFVs and response by the army, the military's media wing added.
So far, during the current year, 219 innocent civilians including 112 women / children have become casualty (shaheed / injured) due to Indian targeted CFVs.
The mutual misunderstanding between the drivers of LC vehicle (LCV) and surrounding car following vehicles (CFV) is a major source of the risk.
The UFM is connected in series with the standard RMT and CFVs in Figure 10.
DAGUPAN CITY -- The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) has stopped issuing fishing clearances to commercial fishing vessels (CFVs) using Danish seine, a fishing gear that drags fish toward a net which has been prohibited since September 2013.
Chinese fishing vessels (CFVs) were likewise spotted transporting collected giant clams to other CFVs.
Question 2: For any given pricing policy, at which pricing level will consumers switch from conventionally fueled vehicles (CFVs) to a greener alternative (low CO2 emitting vehicles or alternatively fueled vehicles)?
2nd Platoon was taking a little shortcut, which was fine for the Bradley CFVs. They growled into the mud and across a ditch with just a bit of pitch and roll.
Each TMS is routinely calibrated in its place of use and at its operating line pressure using a bank of 21 critical flow venturis (CFVs).
But because those vehicles must run on clean alternative fuels, they may have to be run on California reformulated gasoline, "which is generally not available outside California." The EPA could not yet say if federal reformulated and/or conventional gasoline "qualify as clean alternative fuels for CFVs certified to LEV standards on California reformulated gasoline .