CFWGCrossfit Willow Glen (San Jose, CA)
CFWGCommunity Forest Working Group (Canada)
CFWGConcessionary Fares Working Group (UK)
CFWGCrossroads Friends Worship Group (Michigan)
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To ensure that this support is responsive, the commander created a CFWG to handle all issues related to the project.
As with the second example, the NTM-I CFWG dramatically improves communication within Naples.
In the case of the NTM-I CFWG, the commander's guidance is given to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and directly to the CFWG, ensuring that each member of the staff gets the same guidance.
Based on the success of the CFWG, JFCNP has published a command directive detailing the purpose, techniques, and procedures for working groups.
A CFWG is formed to deal with only the most critical missions.
Finally, until the concept of CFWG is fully embraced by the organization, conflicts can arise as young staff officers are pulled between their old functional staff sections and the new CFWG.
These cross-functional working groups (CFWGs) would be more responsive to both customers' and commanders' needs and produce synchronized products more quickly than traditional staff sections.
Lest one conclude that CFWGs are useful solely for niche engineer missions, the final example is more universal.
Despite the high marks bestowed on CFWGs, they are not without their shortcomings.
Second, by definition, these CFWGs are new staff sections that must be integrated into the organization.