CFWSCoordinated Federal Wage System
CFWSCooperation Fund for the Water Sector (Asian Development Bank)
CFWSCenter for Workforce Studies
CFWSComment Folding White Space
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''PPA is of the view that the BOC may exercise its authority over CFWs for purposes of enforcement of Customs and tariff laws.
During a recent forum organized by the bureau to discuss the draft order, several stakeholders expressed concerns that the bureau wanted to earn revenues from the temporary storages while passing on the cost to CFWs and depriving the PPA of its lawful revenue share.
The individual occurrences of each CFW for each author are aggregated
The CFWS screening rule was found to have a sensitivity of 78.9% (95% confidence interval (CI) 58.3 - 90.9%) and specificity was 49.6% (95% CI 29.2 - 70.1%) in a meta-analysis using data from more than 8 000 HIV-infected adults and adolescents.(23) The sensitivity was increased to 90.6% (95% CI 66.7 - 97.9%) and specificity decreased to 38.9% (95% CI 12.8 - 73.3%) when adding abnormal chest radiographic findings into the symptom screening rule.
This might result in an overall reduction of the sensitivity and specificity of the CFWS
(NYSE:CFW) announced that the board of directors of CFW is actively involved in ongoing discussions with Resaca Exploitation, Inc.
CFW is an independent energy producer with properties in the mid-continent region of the United States.