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CFZCentre for Fortean Zoology
CFZClark Freeport Zone (Philippines)
CFZCentrum Flagi Ziemi (Polish: Center for Earth Flags; est.1978)
CFZCritical Friendly Zone (field artillery term)
CFZChabahar Free Trade-Industrial Zone (Iran)
CFZCanucks Fan Zone (Vancouver Canucks fan site)
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Only three isolates of Sappanone B (3)/CAZ combination were observed synergy, and most of the combinations with AMK, GEN and CFZ exhibited additivity or indifference (Table 3).
coli collection culture sample AB 1621 resistance transfer was carried out for KP (100%), SAM (96%), ATM (96%), FOX (83%), CZ (83%) CRP (78%), CFZ (74%), CRO (65%).
Built around a geographical area containing an asset the commander wants to protect, the CFZ could include assets such as a critical communications node, a tactical operations center, an assembly area, or the Firefinder radars themselves.
The CFZ continues to be vulnerable to illicit financial activities and abuse by criminal groups, due primarily to weak customs enforcement and limited oversight of trade and financial transactions.
Total net contribution of the CFZ to the trade balance (Exports-Imports) was US$500 million, down 16% from 2004.
The smaller CFZ, the Benque Viejo Free Zone, recently started operating on the western border with Guatemala.
CFZ trade (imports and re exports) reached a high of US$12 billion in 1998;
CFZ trade (imports and re-exports) reached a high of US$12 billion in 1998;
STR covered entities: Banks, cooperatives, money exchanges, money transfer companies, casinos, betting and gaming companies, fiduciaries, insurance and insurance brokerage companies, the national lottery, investment and brokerage houses, real estate companies, pawnshops, the CFZ, Panama Pacifico Special Economic Zone, Baru Free Trade Zone and other free trade zones
Imports at the CFZ, which comprises around 1,890 businesses in a 1000-acre (400-hectare) site near the Caribbean entrance to the Panama Canal, slipped to US$675.
ExxonMobil is building a commercial CFZ demonstration plant near LaBarge, Wyoming, which is expected to be operational in late 2009.
Bulk cash is relatively easily introduced into the country by declaring it is for use in the CFZ.